You may not always look at or even see your eavestroughs along the roof of your home, but they’re there, and they’re an important yet often overlooked component of your home. There are many ways that your eavestroughs can protect your home, which is why it’s crucial that they are properly installed and maintained and that any repairs are made right away.

Here are some ways that your eavestroughs can protect your home.

  1. Eavestroughs Keep Water Away From Your Roof Shingles

Your roof plays a key role in protecting your home, and the shingles are a key component to your roof. Considering this, you’ll want to do what you can to make sure your roof shingles are properly cared for. But one of the worst things for shingles is standing water. Shingles may be designed to prevent water from rain and snow from getting into the underlying portion of the roof and into your home, but they may have trouble if enough water is left to pool in the shingles before being shed.

If that happens, water can easily make its way into the roof support and eventually into your home. Eavestroughs are designed to help prevent this from happening and will keep the shingles from having to hold standing water.

  1. Eavestroughs Prevent Water from Pooling at the Basement

Another way that eavestroughs help protect your home is by ensuring that no water is allowed to sit at the base of the foundation. If that happens, water can seep into your home through the foundation walls and make its way into the basement,

This can cause mold, mildew, and major damage to the interior of your home and its contents. It can even render your home a hazard. To prevent this from happening, eavestroughs will collect all rainwater and melted snow and carry it away from your home far enough so that it cannot pool at the base of your home.

  1. Eavestroughs Prevent Ice Dams

Although we might be just starting the warmer months of the year, the colder weather will eventually come, and when it does, it will bring precipitation with it. When it snows, that snow can sit on your roof.

When the snow is allowed to accumulate and stand for long periods of time, it can freeze as the temperatures plummet. Heat rising from within your home can melt it, and when that ice eventually melts, it can run down the roof and eventually freeze again when it reaches the outer shingles.

This can lead to the formation of ice dams that can damage your roof and cause issues within your home. Luckily, eavestroughs can help catch all that snow and sluff it off and away from your home before any ice dams are able to be formed.

  1. Eavestroughs Protect Your Landscaping

Not only can eavestroughs protect your actual home and its structure, but it can also protect your landscaping. All the hard work and money that you put into tending to your home’s exterior and curb appeal can be vulnerable if your eavestrough system is dysfunctional. Eavestroughs that are in good condition and have been professionally installed can ensure that any water that is collected can be washed away to the appropriate spot so it does not wash away your greenery and florals.

If your eavestroughs are in need of repair or installation, be sure to call in the experts right away. Call Tip Top Trough!

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