eavestrough cleaning torontoThere are plenty of components of a home that are important at protecting it and keeping it well maintained, and eavestroughs are certainly one of them. Often an overlooked trait of a home, eavestroughs are essential for protection against water damage by redirecting water away from your home.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider updating your home’s eavestroughs.

  1. They Can Prevent Flooding Indoors

If your eavestroughs are old and are not in optimal condition, water will not be effectively diverted away from your home. This can result in a flooded basement, which can be disastrous and expensive to repair. By upgrading your eavestroughs, you can protect the interior of your home from being inundated with damaging water.

  1. Helps Keep Front Porches Dry

Well-functioning eavestroughs will prevent water from gushing off of the roof and onto your front porch As such, this can help you avoid getting soaked if you’re entering your home from the front porch.

  1. Provides a Cleaner Exterior

Along with a heavy downpour often comes plenty of mud. As rushing water falls from the roof and onto the ground, mud can easily splash all over the exterior of your home. Upgrading your eavestroughs can keep your home’s exterior looking much cleaner by preventing a big mess from gushing water.

  1. Regular Maintenance Will Prevent Rotting Fascia

Fascia offers a finished look to the trim of a house by covering rafter ends along the roof’s edge. It also protects the home from inclement weather by creating a barrier against rainfall. If your eavestroughs become overfilled, they can cause water to reach wooden fascia, which can start to rot quickly. Upgraded eavestroughs can prevent this from happening.

  1. Prevents Bowing Driveways

Improperly working eavestroughs can cause puddles of water which can break down concrete driveways from the surface, which can result in bowing and cracking of this surface.

  1. Prevent Landscaping Erosion

Clogged eavestroughs can lead gushing water to your landscaping which erodes the soil, create dips in your yard, and can knock over plants.

  1. Offers Pest Control

Mosquitoes run rampant in the summer, and they love standing water. Unfortunately, any standing water in eavestroughs can create an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, making it challenging for you to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by these pests.

Your home’s eavestroughs certainly offer many benefits. But if they’re not in optimal condition, they could also cause you grief. Consider upgrading your eavestroughs to help protect both the exterior and interior and of your home.

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