Eavestroughs play a critical role in the integrity of any home. They play the important role of ensuring that any water is adequately directed away from the home in order to prevent any damage. If the eavestrough system is compromised for whatever reason, the home’s integrity could be at risk.

Here are some common issues with eavestroughs to keep an eye out for in order to have them rectified right away.

  1. Holes and Leaks

Any holes or leaks in eavestroughs will allow water to stream out in the middle of them before the water makes it to the downspout and is directed away from the home. These issues are relatively common because they occur very easily.

Luckily, they’re pretty simple to fix on your own and require little more than caulking to seal up the leaks and holes. Larger holes may have to be patched up using kits that can be found at local home improvement stores.

  1. Eavestroughs That Are Clogged and Not Draining Properly

One of the more common issues with eavestroughs is clogging. The problem with clogged eavestroughs is that they aren’t able to drain properly. That means all that rain that comes down won’t be adequately directed away from the home and instead could end up pooling at the foot of the foundation. This can pose a water hazard because the water can then make its way into the home.

When the temperatures start to dip, any water that sits in the eavestroughs and is trapped by debris can freeze, which can become an even bigger problem. In this case, the eavestroughs could get damaged, which would require professional assistance to repair.

  1. Eavestroughs That Aren’t Properly Pitched

It’s important for eavestroughs to be pitched adequately in order for them to properly drain water away. If the slope is off, water can sit in the eavestroughs without being directed away from the home properly.

Any standing water in the eavestroughs means that their angle will need to be adjusted. This might be a job for the homeowner and may involve nothing more than bending them. But if the hangers need to be reinstalled to fix this issue, the experts will need to be called in.

  1. Sagging Eavestroughs

Sagging is another symptom of eavestroughs that are allowed to get clogged up with debris from leaves, tree branches, twigs, and anything else that makes its way in there. If the eavestroughs start to sag, they could cause damage that will need the intervention of a professional in eavestrough repair.

Sagging is typically caused by hangers that have been loosened. If there is too much weight in the eavestroughs to hold, the hangers will loosen and the eavestroughs themselves will start to sag. This might be a repair that can be done by the homeowner, which would involve tightening some screws. But if the hangers need to be installed and spaced apart appropriately, then be sure to call in the pros.

  1. Ineffective Eavestrough System

Some homes might simply have an eavestrough system that’s totally inadequate. Whether they’re not installed properly, or there are not enough eavestroughs, or none at all, this situation can certainly put the home at risk for water damage and other issues. It’s crucial that an adequate eavestrough system is installed in every home to make sure that there is no damage done to the foundation or the exterior.

Any home that requires a new eavestrough system should absolutely have them installed by an eavestrough company in order to avoid any potential problems that may arise.

  1. Damaged Eavestroughs

Eavestrough damage can happen in a number of other ways than just the ones mentioned above. Generally speaking, the weather is usually the main culprit in eavestrough damage. During heavy rainstorms, windstorms, or icy and snowy conditions, eavestroughs can be easily knocked over or damaged. If this ever happens, repairing them could sometimes be as simple as rehanging them or replacing damaged sections.

Final Thoughts

Eavestrough repairs and installations should ideally be done by the professionals who have the skills, experience, and equipment needed to ensure a job well done. If you need your eavestroughs repaired or need a new system installed, be sure to get in touch with the experts in eavestrough repair and installation today.

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