Top Notch Siding in Toronto

Owning a home in Toronto is considered a responsible investment. Proper maintenance, repairs and installation, when carried out by qualified professionals like Tip Top Trough, are some of the best ways to protect your investment. Installing aluminum or vinyl siding on Toronto homes is a job best left to experienced professionals, like a siding contractor. Toronto’s go-tosiding contractor for 17 years has been Tip Top Trough.

Siding for Toronto homes is, in our opinion, the cost effective option for beautifying the exterior of your home, increasing its value and protecting it from the elements. A proper installation by a siding contractor such as Toronto’s Tip Top Trough will also provide an additional layer of insulation to your home, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, saving you money on your utility bills, as well as acting as a noise barrier.


Siding comes in a variety of colours and finishes to appeal to a variety of preferences. Installed properly by a siding contractor, siding is extremely secure; it has an enhanced locking system that ensures the panels lay flat and stay straight.

Tip Top Trough is the best siding contractor in Toronto.

Our technique allows for a seamless installation or replacement. Siding is also one of the most durable materials for the exterior of your home. It is scratch and dent resistant; the heavy duty panels won’t crack and warp from extreme-weather conditions.

Tip Top Trough carries a variety of siding for your Toronto home. Top quality aluminum and vinyl siding are used to beautify your home.  The siding on your Toronto home will retain it’s colour due to its fade-resistant formula. The value of your investment will increase when you choose to install and upgrade your home with aluminum or vinyl siding.

Toronto’s real estate standards are some of the highest in North America. You can ensure your investment meets those standards with top quality aluminum or vinyl siding, professionally installed by the best siding contractor in Toronto, Tip Top Trough.