As a homeowner, you’ll need to take some time to maintain various components of your home and property, and that includes taking care of your eavestroughs. This system might not be the most often thought about by homeowners, but it plays a crucial role in protecting your home from potential water damage.

The purpose of your eavestroughs is to collect rainwater and direct it away from your home so it doesn’t pool at the roofline or at the foundation. But in order for your eavestroughs to do their job properly, they must be free and clear of debris. The thing is, it’s easy for things like leaves and other debris to make their way into your eavestroughs, which can clog them and prevent them from funneling water through. 

As such, it’s important that your eavestroughs are cleaned out every so often. But rather than climbing a ladder to do this job, there are some ways you can do it from the ground.

How Do You Unclog a Gutter From the Ground?

If you notice that while you’re clearing the gutters that water flow from your downspout seems weak, it’s likely that you have a clog somewhere along the line. You can clear it by taking your hose and putting it in through the bottom of the downspout, then spraying the water upward into it. This should remove clogs that may be somewhere in the downspout and allow water to pass freely.

If the clog is somewhere along the roofline, you may be able to use a gutter cleaning tool that can be attached onto an extension pole to reach the gutter and spray out all the debris in there, including leaves and pine needles.

How Do You Make a Gutter Cleaning Tool?

You can find a variety of attachment kits at the local home improvement store that can then be attached to things like a hose or leaf blower to help get rid of all that debris in the gutters that’s causing blockage. Or, you can even make something yourself as a DIY project using basic plumbing supplies. 

What is the Fastest Way to Clean Gutters?

Using a leaf blower, power washer, or simple hose are all great ways to effectively clean your gutters. As long as you’re able to reach your gutters from where you are — whether from the ground using an extension apparatus or by climbing a ladder — these are all quick ways to get rid of all that debris that’s clogging your eavestroughs.

But an even faster and more effective way to clean gutters is to have professionals do it for you. Not only will this require zero effort and risk on your part, but it will mean no time of your own spent doing any of this manual labor.

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