It is understandable if you find yourself putting off the task of cleaning your gutter. However, the longer you postpone doing this task, the harder it gets. And there’s a risk of gutter damage because of the debris that may cause its deterioration. You really need to do it as soon as possible or you may face a more difficult and expensive gutter repair job. Perhaps using the right gutter cleaning tools will make the job easier.

If you are having a hard time cleaning your gutter, you should consider getting the best tools in the market. They will make the task of gutter cleaning easier and maybe faster. Here are some gutter cleaning tools that you might want to consider.

Gutter Getter

The Gutter Getter could be your most affordable option for cleaning your gutter because it only costs $15. This tool will still require you to do manual labor, but it makes it easier, safer and faster. It is just like cleaning your gutters with a broom and a dustpan. You still need to stand on the ladder, but this tool will extend your reach up to 14 feet, so you don’t have to move the ladder a lot.

This tool consists of a scoop, a dustpan, a broom, a grabber and an extension pole. It has some unique features that will enable you to clean the gutter debris out of tight sections in your gutter. You will also be able to clean the dirt under gutter hangers.

Powerfit PF31052 Gutter Cleaner Attachment

If the debris in your gutter is hard, caked and stubborn, this tool is your best option. It is compatible with nearly all pressure washers up to 3000 psi. It comes with fittings that you can use to attach it to many gas pressure washers. This unit also comes with dual high-pressure nozzles which will enable you to clean your gutters more efficiently and twice as fast. If your gutters are exposed to excessive waste matters at frequent intervals, this tool is what you need.

Vacuum Attachments

The most used gutter cleaning tools are vacuum accessories. They are very useful for cleaning gutters that are not that high. A set of these vacuum accessories usually include nozzle attachments. You can attach them to leaf blowers and utility vacuums and you will no longer need to climb the ladder just to clean your gutter. But remember that vacuum attachments are more adaptable to gutters which are frequently crammed with pine needles, leaves, and tree droppings. They are not very useful in taking out heavier debris.

Gutter Sprayers

If you like to spray your gutters to clean it, your best tool is a gutter sprayer. There is a wide array of gutter sprayers that you can choose from. There are units that can shoot out water at high pressure. With this sprayer, you can flush out your gutter of any debris in just a matter of minutes without too much effort on your part. Some models even have mirrors that can provide a better view of the gutter sections that you have to clean.

Gutter Sense

If you don’t want to climb a ladder to clean your gutter, Gutter Sense is your best gutter cleaning tool. This tool will allow you to clean your gutter from the ground. You don’t even need to see the debris that you are getting out of the gutter. Just use this tool from the ground and you can easily pick up whatever debris there is in your gutter.

This tool is so lightweight that even an old and frail person can use it effectively. And it can reach up to the gutter of a 2-story building. There is no need for you to climb a ladder. All you need to do is to get this tool up to the level of the gutter, and start picking the dirt, leaves and whatever debris is deposited in it.

The tool is equipped with two strong prongs attached to the end of a pole which could be extended up to the height of a 2-story building. From the ground, you can extend this pole to the gutter and use the prong to pick up leaves, pine needles and any kind of debris and then bring them all down to the ground. It is only $20.

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