winter-2914281_640It seems that each winter is bringing in heavier and thicker snow. If you have not prepared their roofs in the fall, you will be facing possible winter damage on gutters. The build-up of snow and ice on the gutter of your roof will prevent the flow of melted ice to the down spouts. When this happens, the flowing water will melt again as the outside temperature reach freezing point again. As a result, you will have problems with ice dams and ice build-up which would damage your gutters. There are effective ways you can prevent winter gutter damage. But you really need to do these things now before the winter sets in.


  1. Clean Your Gutters Now

Before the onset of winter, you need to remove all kinds of debris that may have lodged in your gutters. This debris is the major cause of ice dams and ice build ups. The previous fall season may have deposited a substantial amount of leaves that have fallen from the trees surrounding your house. You should thoroughly inspect your roof and gutters for these wayward leaves and don’t leave any of them hanging around your roof and gutters before the winter comes or you will have a big problem in your hands.


  1. Make Sure Your Roof Insulation Is Working

If your roof insulation is working fine, it will help melt the snow that falls in your roof. With the snow melting and your gutters cleaned, there will be no impediment in the flow of melted ice and you won’t have any problems with gutter damage. Be sure that no amount of heat is escaping from your house when the heater is on. That means you also need to check up on the insulation of your entire house.


  1. Install Rooftop Heating Cables

Another way of ensuring that the snow will melt on your roof is by installing rooftop heating cables. Of course, you will need money to have these cables installed but this is a worthy investment since it will protect your roof and your gutters from winter damage. Installing rooftop heating cables will also increase the value of your home.


  1. Check The Integrity Of All Your Roof Shingles

You also need to check up on the integrity of all your roof shingles. Examine every shingle if they are still intact, are firmly anchored and solidly fastened in their respective places. A loose shingle could spell trouble not only on your roof, but on your gutters as well. It will be the point where outside temperature could seep into your house. Repair defective shingles at once.


  1. Install A Gutter Guard

You can’t tell the amount of snow that will fall on any given winter day. If there’s heavy snow fall, your roof might not be able to take the total weight of the snow and it might buckle down. You can prevent this from happening by installing a protective system for your gutter such as a gutter guard or a gutter helmet. This helmet is designed to support the existing load capacity of your gutters. It will strengthen and reinforce the gutter structure and will enable it to take heavy snow fall without sustaining any damage.


6 Buy A Roof Rake

Buying a roof rake is the simplest way you can protect your gutters from winter damage. With this tool, you can remove the snow and prevent it from dangerously accumulating on your roof. However, you need to take extra care when using this rake to remove the snow off your roof. Since most rakes are made of steel or hard metal, avoid hitting the metal surfaces of the roof and gutters too hard since it can scrape the surface and cause material damage.


  1. Check Your Roof Regularly

You should check your roof and your gutters regularly not only during the onset of winter. If you will only check your roof during the fall, you might not be able to arrest the problems while they are still small. Bigger problems need bigger solutions and bigger expenses, while small problems are easily solved. Which one do you prefer? If you regularly inspect your roof and gutters, you will have lesser repair works to do before the winter sets in. Having a fully functioning roof and gutter system is a sure way to have peace of mind throughout the whole winter season.

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