Your eavestrough needs to be maintained throughout the year, much like all other components of your home. Without proper maintenance, your eavestrough system won’t work well enough to gather all the rainwater and melted snow and send it away from your home.

Without this system in place, your home could be vulnerable to damage from water that is allowed to pool at the roofline or at the base of your home. If any water is allowed to collect and enter your home, that could spell disaster. Not only can water damage be extremely difficult to rectify, but it can be very expensive, too.

Considering this, it’s important that you maintain your gutters on a regular basis. And that includes cleaning them. The question is, how often should you clean this system? And what month should you clean your gutters?


What Month Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Generally speaking, any month is appropriate to clean out your eavestroughs. If they’re full of debris, then it doesn’t matter what month it is: they need to be cleaned.

That said, if you were to pick an ideal month to clean your gutters, it would likely be March and November.

In the late fall, you’ll likely see a lot of leaves make their way into your gutters. In this situation, all that debris should be cleared out before the winter sets in. Otherwise, you may find that the leaves can create dams that actually clog the eavestroughs and stop any melted snow from moving along the eavestroughs.

In the spring, cleaning your eavestroughs can be a part of spring cleaning tasks. This will give you a chance to clear out the gutters after everything has melted.


What Happens if You Don’t Clean Out Gutters?       

If you don’t clean your gutters on a regular basis, any debris that has made its way in there can pile up and create blockages. When this happens, the water that has collected in the eavestroughs will be unable to flow along through the system and eventually be driven away from your home.

In this situation, the water will sit and accumulate in the eavestroughs. When this happens, the risk of damage to your home can increase. And if the weather is very cold, the water that sits in the eavestroughs can freeze, further creating a dam in the gutters and potentially causing a hazard for the system itself.

Eavestroughs that are not allowed to do their job properly can lead to water in the basement, rotten fascia at the roof, and erosion of the foundation. All of these problems can be very costly to fix.

Never underestimate the importance of cleaning out your eavestroughs. Not only will regular cleaning help to maintain the integrity of the system itself, but it will also help ensure that your home is kept safe. Your eavestroughs have a job to do, and keeping them free and clear of debris is important to ensure they’re able to do their job properly year-round.

But cleaning your eavestroughs is a tough job that can also be somewhat unsafe if you don’t take the necessary precautions. That’s why it may be in your best interests to hire the in eavestrough cleaning. That way you can be sure that the job will be done properly, right from the get-go, without you having to risk your safety and spending any time doing it yourself.

If you need your eavestroughs cleaned, call the experts at Tip Top Trough today!

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