Different Options For Eavestroughs

There are certain aspects of your home that are mandatory to keep it safe and maintain its integrity, and eavestroughs are one of them. Without an adequate eavestrough system in place, your home could be at risk for some serious damage.

Certainly, eavestroughs are a must for your home. But the good news is that they come in all sorts of materials and types, which also translates into different cost levels for homeowners. They also come in different styles, shapes, and colours to match your home and contribute to its overall aesthetics.

So, the question is, what are the different options for eavestroughs out there?


Eavestrough Shapes

To start understanding what the different options for eavestroughs that are available to you and other homeowners, let’s start with the different shapes.

K-style – These eavestrough shapes are flat on the bottom and back, while the front of the eavestrough is usually decorative since that’s the part that is exposed. In fact, they look somewhat similar to crown moulding that you would see at the junction between ceilings and walls in interior spaces.

Half-round – As the name suggests, half-round eavestroughs are U-shaped and look like half-circles at the edges. These are not usually installed these days and are more typically found on older homes. That’s because K-style eavestrough shapes can hold a lot more rainwater and debris compared to half-round styles. Plus, K-style shapes are much more cost-effective, too.


Eavestrough Materials

Perhaps the more common aspect about eavestrough options are the actual materials they’re made from. Generally speaking, you’ll find eavestrough materials including the following:

Aluminum – This material is perhaps the most commonly used, simply because it’s lightweight, easy to install, more affordable than most other options, and highly versatile. You can paint the aluminum eavestroughs to suit your home and customize it to your liking. Plus, aluminum won’t rust, making it great for long-lasting eavestroughs.

Copper – An increasingly popular option among homeowners, copper is a gorgeous material that can improve the aesthetics of a home’s exterior. Like aluminum, copper won’t rust. However, as you would expect, copper is very expensive. Plus, you would need professional assistance to install it.

Steel – This metal is very strong and durable, therefore it can last the long haul. There are plenty of colour options available, and you can even paint it if you like. However, steel eavestroughs can rust even after only about 5 years, and it can be a bit more expensive than aluminum.

Vinyl – Another lightweight material is vinyl, which is also affordable and easy to install. However, vinyl colours will fade in the sun, and there aren’t as many colours to choose from for homeowners. Further, vinyl tends to crack in severe weather conditions.

Zinc – This material is strong and tends to last a very long time. There’s also no need to paint zinc as it develops a unique shade and texture over time. That said, zinc eavestroughs are expensive and require professional installation to weld the joints together.


Eavestrough Downspouts

Another option that you have available to you that you will need to decide upon is the downspouts. These components are what will direct the water from the eavestroughs that have collected it and push it away from your home. Without downspouts, the water collected by the eavestroughs will simply pool at the base of your home and cause trouble.

Downspout shapes are typically either square, round, or rectangular, with the latter being the more popular. There are also decorative shapes available for homeowners who are looking for something a little fancier than the average downspout.

The number and size of downspouts that you may require will depend on the overall eavestrough system’s capacity. The more downspouts you have, the greater the capacity of your eavestrough system.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, there are plenty of different options for eavestroughs for your home. From the material to the shape, to the size, to the colours, there are plenty of options to choose from and many decisions to be made.

To make things easier for you, consult with a professional eavestrough installer to help you make the right decision about the best eavestrough system to install in your home, as well as to get the help you need to ensure proper installation. Call or email Tip Top Trough today!

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