Eavestrough Services



Tip Top Trough Cleaning Services includes:

  • Full debris removal by hand from the roof.
  • High pressure water flush of all the eavestroughs and downpipes.
  • Basic re-securing of the eavestroughs.
  • Inspection Report for free.



Tip Top Trough Repair Services includes:

Re-secure | Leak seal | Downpipe Repair | Soffit | Fascia | Siding

Repair Services
We are well aware that eavestrough is not a flashy product, no one really wants to spend money or time on their eavestroughs or roofs. But sometimes you have to spend a little bit of money to add years to your eavestroughing system.

At Tip Top Trough we promise to give you our honest opinion. We pledge to recommend doing a repair if we believe that will prolong the life of your troughs. Tip Top Trough is a clean repair installation company, we don’t just sell new eavestrough. Tip Top Trough is your neighbourhood full service eavestrough company. If it can be repaired, we will let you know. You will not be sold new trough if we can repair it for you.

Eavestrough re-securing – In the winter ; heavy snow and ice dams weigh the trough down, in the summer ; there is shingle runoff. Over time the fasteners in your eavestrough may become loose from the fascia and cause the trough to sag. When this happens, a simple Tip Top Trough re-securing service is required.

Tip Top Trough will go onto your roof and replace all of the compromised fasteners and will install new internal aluminum brackets with screws. Tip Top Trough provides a two year warranty on this service. And promises that part of your trough will never sag.

Eavestrough Re-Sloping – Over the years sometimes the slope of the eavestrough looses its angle and needs to be re-sloped. Re-sloping eavestrough is done to ensure that the water and debris are moving towards the downpipe and being flushed out of the eavestroughing system. Tip Top Trough is an expert in evaluating the validity of your eavestrough slope. If you are worried your trough is not draining efficiently give us a call and we will come check it out for you.

Leak Seal
Caulking is used to seal the seams of eavestrough corners. Over time the caulking seal may deteriorate causing slow drips from the corner seams. During the winter season we are not able to repair any of these corners. The reason being; In order to properly do a leak seal service we need to remove all of the existing caulking, sediment and debris from the affected area and re-apply new caulking. During the cold and wet months the caulking is not able to cure, in order to successfully achieve the desired results. Through our many years in business, we at Tip Top Trough have perfected the art of sealing a corners and only perform services that are tried and true.



Tip Top Trough Installation Services includes:

Eavestrough | Downpipe | Soffit | Fascia | Leaf Guard | Heating Cable | Window and Door Capping

Eavestrough Installation

Copper and Aluminum

  • Removal and disposal of existing eavestrough and downpipe
  • Supply and install new 5”or 6” seamless eavestrough and downpipe

Downpipe Addition or Extension

Copper and Aluminum

  • Supply and install new downpipe(s) to existing eavestrough
  • Extend existing downpipes

Downpipe Replacement
  • Replace split or damaged downpipe with same size or larger size downpipe from existing location

Downpipe Disconnection
  • Removal of downpipe from ground/drain
  • Capping and caulking of drain
  • Extension of downpipe to desired location

Fascia – Remove, Supply and Install New
  • Aluminum Soffit
  • Wood Soffit

Soffit – Remove, Supply and Install New
  • Aluminum Soffit
  • Wood Soffit

Siding – Remove, Supply and Install New
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Vinyl Siding

Leaf Guard Installation
  • Supply and install leaf guard systems ?many products available

Heating Cable Installation
  • Supply and install heating cables to:
    • Pitched and flat roofs
    • Eavestrough
    • Downpipes

Window and Door Capping
  • Custom aluminum capping and caulking of wooden exterior frame (existing or new)