Downpipe Repairs

There are many options with the configuration of your downpipes. If you find that water is leaking out of your downpipes and causing a mini skating rink on your walkway or any other inconvenient places, you may want to consider having your downspouts redirected. At Tip Top Trough you can be confident that we will provide you with options to suit your needs and desires. You can also rest assured (like all of our other services) that the work will be done promptly and professionally.

Downpipe Disconnection:
Downspouts that feed rainwater directly in the ground can overwhelm the city’s drainage system, as well as, cause damage to the foundation of your home . It is for this reason the city has implemented a new by-law that has required all city residents to have their downspouts disconnected from the city’s drainage system.
We at Tip Top Trough have done countless downpipe disconnections and are your trusted source when it comes to ensuring that rainwater is efficiently managed and directed away from your home. We often recommend installing a rain barrel to catch all of the run-off water. This is not only cost effective for you (as you can use the rain water to wash your car or water your lawn etc.,) but is extremely friendly on the environment.

Downpipe Extension
To ensure that water is moving away from the side of the home, whether its because your foundation is porous and the water enters into the basement or you want the water to empty out onto the lawn, all you may need is a simple downpipe extension. Like all of our services, we take pride in our workmanship. You can rest assured that Tip Top Trough will do the very best job there is to do. We treat your home likes its our own.

Downpipe Replacement
The industry standard for downpipe is 2×3″ but we often recommend a 3×3″ downpipe to allow for extra water flow. When we come out to inspect your property, we will evaluate and recommend what would be best suited for your home. If you think that your downspouts are too small, have us out for a free quote and we will give you our honest opinion.

Downpipe Re-Securing
Downpipes funnel all of the rainwater and debris away from your home. It is important that they get flushed regularly to ensure that they don’t get clogged; if pressure weighs down the straps, the downpipe can loosen from the wall. Tip Top Trough will re-secure and tighten the existing aluminum downpipe to the wall with aluminum straps and concrete anchors. We will add extra straps if necessary, not to worry Tip Top Trough will take care of it all!