Highest Quality Fascia Toronto Has To Offer

Fascia is another component of your eavestroughing system that is for both visual appeal and function. Not only does it complete the aesthetic of the eavestrough, it maintains the integrity of your roof by protecting the wood and prolonging its life. Thefascia on Toronto homes is particularly susceptible to damage because of how it is exposed, and if the fascia becomes compromised, the entire eavestrough system could be at risk, which can put the integrity of your home at risk. The best way to avoid damaged fascia is to have a professional installation of your fascia. Toronto has been relying on Tip Top Trough for expert fascia installation since 1996.


As industry experts, Tip Top Trough knows how to masterfully install fascia to your Toronto home. We customize our installation to your homes requirements and your specifications. All of the material we use is top quality, and it can be colour matched to your preference. Our 17 years of experience installing fascia on Toronto homes is your assurance that our work is the best quality. We offer a comprehensive two to four year service warranty , and a 20-year warranty on all of the material we use.

Aluminum Fascia Repair

Tip Top Trough understands the value of being able to repair what can be repaired instead of a complete installation. We have been offering our expert repairs offascia in Toronto since 1996. Upon inspection, we will know if the problem can be repaired; existing fascia bent back into place and expertly re-secured to the existing wood. We provide you with a one-two year service warranty, and a 20-year warranty on the materials, so you can be confident with the quality of our work.

Because the fascia is in direct contact with your roof and wall, repairs and/or installations are of particular importance and need to be done well. Any discrepancy can allow for water seepage, causing damage to the structure of your roof. Tip Top Trough takes the utmost care to ensure a proper and professional repair and/or installation of your fascia. Toronto weather is tough and unforgiving; keep your home protected with Tip Top Trough’s quality work.