Siding Installation

Highest Quality Siding Installation in Toronto

Tip Top Trough is the industry leader for siding replacement and siding installation in Toronto. When Benjamin Franklin said: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, he must have been referring to ensuring proper siding replacement and siding installation. Toronto’s houses take a beating from our weather; if the siding on your home isn’t installed right the first time, or if the replacement isn’t done by professionals, your home could be at risk for water damage, a costly problem that can potentially compromise the safety of your home. At Tip Top Trough, we pride ourselves on our integrity and our ability to replace or install the aluminum or vinyl siding on your home right, the first time. Our high standard of workmanship ensures that your home is protected from water damage. Whether it is installing an entire home’s worth of new aluminum or vinyl siding, or an aluminum or vinyl siding replacement, Toronto homeowners can count on Tip Top Trough.


Vinyl Siding Installation

We can say “no job too big or too small”, and really mean it! Our vinyl siding team can take on an entire installation of vinyl siding, or individual vinyl siding replacements. Toronto homes with vinyl siding are better protected against the elements, and vinyl siding is an indicator that your home has durability. It is more economical in the immediate, and more cost-effective. We are able to expertly install vinyl siding vertically or horizontally, in a variety of attractive colours suited to your personal preference. We can professionally install a variety of siding styles, such as the “half round” (D4-standard) or “fish scale” style, which is gaining popularity. We are prepared to consult with you on the different styles available. Part of our expert vinyl siding installation is a Toronto bonus: an ice and water shield on the perimeter of the gables edge, for an added protection from our freeze/thaw cycle. Our vinyl siding is secured and hung with nails to ensure longevity, and as with all our work, we guarantee it: a two-year service warranty on all vinyl siding installation and vinyl siding replacement in Toronto.

You may also want to consider adding insulation when replacing your siding, as it will give your home a needed layer of insulation against our Canadian climate.

Aluminum Siding Installation

As with our professional vinyl siding, Tip Top Trough does the best aluminum siding replacement and aluminum siding installation in Toronto. Aluminum siding, like vinyl, offers many benefits to the homeowner: cost effectiveness, aesthetic quality, ease of maintenance, excellent insulating factor, acts as a sound insulator, safety (fire-retardant properties), and (when installed properly!) is resistant to the elements. Tip Top Trough is also able to install aluminum J trims, corners and counter flashing. We have access to all colours available, as well, so your new aluminum siding or aluminum siding replacement is Toronto quality standard. Tip Top Trough is happy to extend a 3-year service warranty on all aluminum siding replacement and siding installation in Toronto.