Your eavestroughs need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. With all the leaves and other debris that can make their way into your gutters, they can easily and quickly become clogged. And when this happens, your eavestroughs won’t be able to do the job they were built to do; namely, capture and redirect water away from your home.

But considering how high up your eavestroughs are, you’ll need some sort of apparatus to reach, like a ladder. 

Or do you?

Is there a way to clean your gutters without a ladder? After all, it’s understandable that many homeowners may feel uncomfortable climbing a ladder to great heights. Not only are some people nervous about doing so, but it’s also a potentially dangerous endeavor, especially without the proper tools and equipment. 

Fortunately, there may be several options available to you. 


Cleaning Tools

Rather than having to climb a ladder a few feet up in the air, you may be able to clean the eavestroughs from ground level using a gutter cleaning tool. This apparatus involves an extension pole that is capable of reaching second levels of homes without having to climb a ladder. 

Cleaning Vacuums

Another option available is a vacuum designed especially for cleaning gutters from the ground. You can easily suck things like leaves, pine needles, and twigs from your eavestroughs using a gutter cleaning vacuum. You can simply attach these vacuums to your leaf blower or outdoor vacuum cleaner and remove all debris from your eavestroughs with ease. 


You can also blast debris out of your gutters by using a flusher that features a jet stream hose that can be attached to your hose to. They’re extendable too, so they’re very flexible for all situations. 

Gutter Guards

To minimize the amount of effort you need to put into cleaning out your eavestroughs, you may consider installing gutter guards over top of your eavestroughs. These materials are designed to keep debris out of your gutters while still allowing water in. 

Keep in mind, however, that while gutter guards work well for the most part, they don’t eliminate the need to clean your gutters. Instead, they’re only able to reduce the frequency of cleaning. 

Further, they may not work so well if your roof is sharply steeped. In this case, the water can quickly fall off the roof and bounce off the gutter guards.

The best way to clean your gutters without climbing a ladder yourself is to hire experts. Rather than tackling the job yourself, you can employ professionals who have the experience, know-how, and equipment needed to get the job done right. 

When the need to clean your eavestroughs arises, get in touch with Tip Top Trough!

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